About Kevin Manley

Kevin Manley

Kevin Manley is a business & transition strategist, licensed M&A advisor, entrepreneur, and speaker. Kevin holds an MBA and a Masters in Engineering, and is a Certified Exit Advisor (CExP).  He has founded, advised, and/or invested in a variety of companies in consumer electronics, manufacturing, medical technology, philanthropic technology, real estate development, etc. In 1995 Kevin co-founded Yesmail.com, an online e-marketing solutions company. He and his co-founders took Yesmail public in 1999, and sold it to CMGI in 2000 for over $700M. KEVIN’S STORY. This 5-year process involved name changes, strategic focus changes, smart advisors, luck, great timing, and great people.

Manley Strategic helps owners of both funded startups and established businesses maximize their company’s value and formulate a plan to grow their business, leverage their talent, improve their focus, utilize technology, enhance overall stability, and develop and implement an exit/transition strategy.


“We hired Kevin to help us evaluate our business and create an incubator program to grow our team and expand our business into developing a portfolio of companies using the talent we already had in-house. Kevin did an amazing job helping us come up with the strategy on how to set our direction and led a leadership retreat to roll it out in our company. I definitely recommend Kevin for people looking for help in setting direction and clarity within their organization – you’ll be glad you did.” – Ryan Morgan – Arrow Consulting & Design

“We engaged Kevin in 2015 as an Interim VP of Operations to help us get through a critical time in our organization. It was refreshing to find someone with experience that could dive in, quickly understand our business and needs. I also appreciated the flexibility of our engagement. It would have normally required months of painful head-hunting to fill a C-level position. Kevin joined us within weeks and was helping us at a very high level right away. It was also good to have someone from the “outside” like Kevin who could help us think critically about our business and not be afraid to challenge us. When the dust finally settled again, we completed our engagement. Whether you’re looking for an Interim Executive or a Strategic Advisor to help you take your business to another level, I would definitely recommend talking to Kevin.” – Lisa Connell – Beachfront Media

“We have worked closely with Kevin for several years at White Challis. Kevin has been instrumental in organizing our company’s operations, finances, and IT systems. With his systems and technology solutions, we’re much more productive and integrated. Kevin quickly understood our business model and implemented changes in a thoughtful, professional manner. We have been very fortunate to have Kevin as part of our team.” – Chris Challis – White Challis Redevelopment

“I worked with Kevin for ~ 5 years. During those years, I witnessed a person that “did whatever it required” to get the job done. Kevin is sharp, willing to take on new challenges, and committed to see it through to fruition. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.” – John Weiss – Scribe Healthcare Technologies

“Kevin’s business acumen enabled Ingenion to make wise decisions regarding the development path of our product; including strategic adjustments in reaction to changing market conditions.” – Omar Haddad – Ingenion, LLC (SG)