I help business owners develop a sound strategy, build a valuable company, and navigate a path to a successful transition from their business.

Are You Building a Valuable (“Sellable”) Company?

This is a question that every Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and CEO should consider. Most of them will answer “Yes” when the truth is probably “No”. They tend to simply equate “revenue” or “profits” with “value”. While these are important factors in the value of a company, they are far from the only factors. When owners fixate on revenue and profit, they often overlook many other key drivers of value, to the detriment of the company.

Why Focus on Value?

I work closely with business owners to help them build companies with the critical eye of a potential future buyer or successor. Simply put, when you focus on value, you build a better business.

Focusing on value does not mean that you’re selling your business tomorrow, in 5 years, or ever. It means that …

  • You’re building a healthy, growing business that can operate without you.
  • You’re not at the mercy of a single customer or vendor.
  • You have strong, predictable cash flow.
  • You have defined processes and workflows in place.
  • You have effective, enabled, and incentivized employees.
  • You have a strategy and exit plan.


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From Startup to $700 Million.  If you’d like to know more about me, this is the story of how my co-founders and I grew our company from startup to a $700 Million acquisition in 5 years. It involved name changes, big thinking, strategic focus changes, smart advisors, luck, and great people.